Keneth M. Kwayu, Ph.D.

Senior Data Scientist

Dr. Keneth Kwayu is a senior data scientist at Fitila Labs, where he leverages his rich background in data science, machine vision, and geospatial data analysis to address complex challenges using advanced AI techniques. 

Prior to joining Fitila Technologies, Ken served as a senior Engineer/Data Scientist at Transcend Engineering, where he led data wrangling and modeling of geophysical phenomena using machine learning and deep learning architectures in cloud environments. At the Michigan Department of Transportation, he was a Transportation Data Scientist, creating scalable deep learning models for object detection and developing GeoAI models for classifying public roads. During his tenure at the WMU TRCLC Research Lab, he led multidisciplinary research projects, developed visualization applications, and utilized machine learning approaches to assess traffic safety and operational impacts.
Dr. Kwayu holds a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, a Master of Science in Statistics, a Master of Science in Civil Engineering, and a Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics from Western Michigan University. He also earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil and Transportation Engineering from the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He is a member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society and has received multiple awards for his outstanding research contribution